Becoming an electrical professional

Despite the current economic climate, there are some that say that there is a national shortage of trained electricians. So for those individuals that are prepared to work hard, obtain the right qualifications, then the prospects are still good.

If you have A-levels in maths and physics, it is something that will stand you in good stead, but don’t forget, as a career choice, it does still require a certain amount of physical dexterity.

Deciding on which particular area of the electrical industry will largely govern which area you will be working in

As an example, installation electricians can work in private houses or businesses, in offices or on building sites.  It is worth bearing in mind that there is much greater emphasis on the part of the individual to demonstrate competency and underpinning knowledge.

Maintenance electricians in factories work indoors, servicing machine tools or plant or machinery and production electricians are generally based in a workshop or factory.