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We have launched our New Elite Loyalty Card Programme

We are delighted to launch our New Elite Loyalty Card Programme.

Our Elite Loyalty Card Programme enables you to meet the specific training needs of your employees with discounted offers across our portfolio of training courses.

It’s like a gift card, but one that also gives you additional discounts across all of our Total Comms Courses.

An Elite Loyalty Card requires an upfront investment of which we have Gold, Silver and Bronze packages available to cover the anticipated training needs of your organisation. You can then use up your investment as quickly or as slowly as you like during a 12-month period, tracking usage as you go.


GOLD – 35% Discount

SILVER – 20% Discount

BRONZE – 10% Discount

Discount are applicable to any of our courses from Total Comms & Total Electrical Training including our sale courses!!

To view our Full Packages click HERE