The Training Centre is Open

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As the COVID-19 health crisis has evolved, we have continued to take steps to help protect the health and wellbeing of our people and delegates alike. We have enhanced as well as improve our Covid-19 responses, over and above our initial risk assessments. Our Covid-19 RA’s are under constant review and if necessary, adapted so that you can be confident that in the delivery of our training, your health and safety is our No. 1 priority.

– Amongst the enhanced measures that we have instituted, these are:
– Every delegate has a temperature check on arrival, each morning.
– Full contact details shared for contact tracing if required.
– All desks in the classrooms equipped with individual Perspex screens
– All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes and enhanced daily cleaning of all common areas and weekly deep cleaning.
– Face masks mandatory with all practical assessments.
– All tools/equipment cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes twice daily.

In addition, our remote training delivery capabilities, which provide our delegates with an alternative method of receiving our training – this is so that once again, we can continue to support you, in order that we can offer our high levels of training

Moving forward.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our training. We appreciate your continuous level of support and moving forward, we have every confidence that we can carry out our promise to you: get trained, get totally trained.

We are committed to ensuring your wellbeing and safety in these unprecedented times. As we all now know, UK Government the original lockdown measures, that were introduced in mid-March 2020, are now being gradually eased.

We opened the Harlow Training Centre at the beginning of June 2020. Our training centre are continuously “deep cleaned” on a daily basis plus there are other active control measures, including “social distancing” in place throughout the facility.
We rapidly achieved our first priority: ensuring that all delegates are trained and assessed safely. We then set about focusing on ensuring on those delegates who were awaiting assessments or exams or had their courses postponed; this we have achieved. We have gradually returned back to our normal course scheduling. Please note though course places will still be limited due to Covid 19 control measures, so book your course as soon as possible and we will do the rest!

Remote Realtime Training
But don’t forget, as well as classroom courses, we have continued to deliver our courses via our remote realtime virtual offering, which proved to be immensely popular in lockdown.

Covid Secure

We have excellent and well sized facilities so we can deliver the same high-quality training courses that you have come to expect from us – however, we have reduced the overall number of delegates that are able to attend. All delegates undergo a non-contact temperature daily check on arrival at our Training Centres. In addition, there is a regime of mandatory PPE requirements. Examinations will continue to be subject to some changes which you will be advised of when you book your course with us. We want to emphasise that your health and safety is paramount.

Remote Realtime training still remains the safest option for most delegates, particularly as we move into the easing of the current restrictions. We would recommend that delegates consider the benefits of remote realtime training, as it reduces your risk; It also reduces the actual numbers of delegates that will attend “in centre” as well as allowing all of us to exercise effective social distancing measures.

Booking your course with us…….and with confidence

The times that we are all living through continue to be a daily challenge. But we want to assure you that our highest level of quality training has never been in doubt. We are proud of our achievements gained over the last 22 years so we thank you, our customers old and new; our commitment to you is a stronger than ever.

Even though Covid 19 has and continues to be the single biggest health emergency we have ever known, we have unceasingly been able to deploy new technology which continues to allow us to deliver our courses to you during the Covid 19 emergency, using “online technology and Microsoft Teams”; we have been at the forefront of what has been a virtual revolution in course delivery!

We have been long regarded, as the one of the UK’s leading training provider and you can be assured that we are here for you.

We look forward to seeing you on a course very soon!