Talk about a Game Changer….you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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The Total Electrical Training team has been remote working since the 20th of March. And I’m sure, for all of us, the lockdown has been a challenge – For us, it’s been a steep learning curve, transitioning to remote training has been at times, a test of all of our technical skills!

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But I can honestly say that despite some initial teething problems, we have been able to train a significant number of delegates; it wasn’t easy…considering that less than a month ago, our senior electrotechnical trainer was in Romania delivering a technical course to a household name in 5g technologies and as for myself, I was in Cyprus as well as supervising the delivery of a series of advanced OTDR courses to a UK Government agency.

Despite all the odds being against us….we have pulled through and we are able to deliver all of our theoretical content, using the power of video conferencing systems. And you know what, it is almost as though it is business as usual!

But we want to go further as moving forward, as we have always done in our 20 plus years of serving the industry, we want to ensure that you, our customers receive the best training that money can buy. At a time when people are being encouraged to stay at home as much as possible to save lives, we’d be thrilled if you could join us on a course, share some of your time with us as we continue to deliver training at the highest level.

To take this to a much higher level, we have some exciting plans: through a series of podcasts; we are aiming to examine the horizon, to enable us all to understand what’s coming next. At this unprecedented time, I am sure that the value of regular updated information, as well as hints and tips from me and others in the industry will be highly sought after.

So there you have it; Total Electrical Training sharing with you, stories and technical information which can only help us all.

And please don’t forget, if you think training is expensive, try ignorance!

We’ll be here in the coming weeks and months…..with podcasts, webinars and online briefings….as part of our commitment, we help the industry increase it’s knowledge. And of course….we can help each other. So as and when we emerge from this unprecedented period in history, we have are better informed than ever before………….

Chris Atkin